Here is a little bit about our team of writers. Our writers are very thorough but if you'd like to get in touch with our writers with corrections or for any other reason please email

James Wilson - James has been working in the travel industry for over 10 years. Although he writes frequently about Airports all across the UK he is particularly knowledgeable about Airports in South East of England, where he hails from. James is a regular traveller to the USA and regards New York in particular as his favourite holiday destination.

Mike Booth - Mike is a big fan of holidays and not such a big fan of hanging around in Airports. So if there is anything that is going to improve the lives of UK travellers Mike will write about it.

Nick Jones - Nick is a keen traveller, regularly visiting destinations all over the world. Originally working in the operations department for a major Airline, Nick has a great deal of knowledge on Airline Operations and writes regularly on this subject.

Sam Lock - Sam is an expert in all things air travel related and writes on all aspects of the travel industry. When not writing about trains, planes and automobiles Sam can be found cycling in the Yorkshire Dales.

Jeremy Price - Originally a journalist for local newspaper in the North of England Jeremy turned his hand to Travel Writing. As result of his many years as a travel writer he has spent more time in Airports than he would care to admit, perhaps for this reason Jeremy always seems to know whats going on at UK Airports.