Park and Go: Eating and Shopping at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is owned and operated by the BAA and offers a diverse range of shopping and eating facilities, including high street retailers and purpose built restaurants. Recent developments to the terminal building have resulted in a wider range of shops and restaurants available for both passengers and visitors to the Airport.

Shopping at Edinburgh Airport - The Airport houses a range of different high street shops offering quality at no more than high street prices. The retail facilities at Edinburgh cater for a range of different interests, whether it be music, books, clothing or jewellery there is a shop that sells just that, at Edinburgh.

Shops include a Boots the Chemist and a Thornton's Chocolate store, both ideal for last minute gifts and holiday items. Other stores on offer at the airport are Jenners Dept. Store, a Tie Rack, Books etc. and a Best of Scotland gift shop. Some shops are only available after security control.

Restaurants, Bars and Eating facilities at Edinburgh Airport - Edinburgh Airport offers a diverse range of restaurants and eating outlets designed to cater for a range of different dietary requirements. Each set in a unique environment, some relaxing some more modern and fast moving.

Restaurants, Bars and Eateries at Edinburgh Airport include a Costa Coffee, Wetherspoon's Pub and Food Village which includes a range of different eating areas. Areas included in the Food Village are La Brioche Doree, Burger King, Franklins of Boston and a Village Grill.

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