Park and Go: Gatwick Airport's shops and restaurants

Like other Airports in the UK Gatwick Airport is comparable to a shopping centre, with a vast range of different shops and restaurants. Its is the diverse range of shopping and eating facilities that make waiting for a flight a more interesting and unique experience.

Shopping - Gatwick Airport boasts high street names such as Accessorize, The Body Shop and Boots , Post Office, WHSmiths and TieRack. So there is plenty to do while waiting for a flight. Most of the shopping facilities are available before and after security but the shops may vary according to terminal.

The shopping areas are in constant development, the BAA are always looking to expand and enhance your experiences at Gatwick Airport. New developments in the shopping areas at Gatwick include the opening of new stores. Some of which include Hugo Boss, Kurt Geiger, and Ted Baker stores.

Eating - Gatwick Airport also aims to provide a wide range of eating facilities to cater for as many diets, likes and dislikes as possible. The restaurants aim is to provide quality meals and snacks at the same prices as the high street. In fact Gatwick Airport guarantee that if the eatery is part of a national chain, you will not pay a penny more than you would on high street.

Some of the restaurants, cafes and coffee shops at Gatwick Airport are Costa, Chez Gerard and a Macdonalds both available before or after security.

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