Park and Go: Eating and Shopping at Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport has a wide range of shopping and eating facilities, a range that can match some of the other BAA airports. The Airport has a lot to offer, it boasts a range of high street shops retailing at no more than high street prices. The busy shops are complimented by a diverse range of different eating outlets, set in relaxing or lively environments, and catering for various dietary requirements.

Eating at Glasgow Airport

At Glasgow Airport there is a good range of restaurants, bars and cafes to eat at. Each is has its own unique menu and each is set in a different environment. Some are more fast pace, on the fly type of restaurants like Burger King and the British Airways Lounge Bar. Both of which are ideal for a quick snack or light meal while rushing between flights. Other restaurants are more relaxing and set in a themed environment, like O'Brien's Sandwich Bar, J & R Tennent and the Food Village. All of which are more suited for people who have a little more time before or after their flight and would prefer a more relaxing environment to eat in.

Other restaurants, bars or coffee shops at Glasgow Airport include a Starbucks coffee shops offering pastries, sandwiches and Italian coffee. Caffe Nero offering coffee's, wines and snacks and the British Midlands Lounge Bar offering hot and cold drinks and snacks in smart lounge environment.

Shopping at Glasgow Airport

There is a wide range of different shops at Glasgow Airport from high street shopping outlets to traditional Scottish gift shops. Each outlet caters for a different audience, so you know that when you visit Glasgow Airport there will be something for you. Shops include Boots the Chemist and a WH Smiths both ideal for getting those last minutes items, such as sun cream and books to read on the plane, which can be forgotten when planning a holiday. Also on offer are Tartan Plus, Jenner's and Zero2Seven all of which are ideal for purchasing gifts for family and friends both before and after your holiday or business trip.

Other Shopping outlets on offer include a Tie Rack, Thornton's Chocolates, Strang the Jeweller, and an Impulse store. So as you can see there is something for everyone. Some stores are available both before and after security control points.

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