Park and Go: Manchester Airport Amenities

Manchester Airport has a wide range of facilities available to passengers both in-coming and out-going. Like some of the other big airports in the UK Manchester boasts a diverse range of shops, restaurants, cafes and religious facilities, essential for passing the time prior to a flight.

Religious Facilities - Manchester is a city of culture, with a mix of different cultural and ethnic groups. Manchester Airport reflects this by offering the amenities required to worship in different ways, this takes the form of a Prayer room for all faiths.

The Prayer rooms bare the symbols of 6 world symbols, but this does not restrict who can worship there, and are available 24/7 all year round. The Prayer rooms also offer prayer mats, and religious books for most faiths.

Manchester Airport’s shops and restaurants cater for the diets of many different faiths.

Shopping Facilities - Manchester Airport has a very wide range of shopping facilities available to all passengers both before and after security. The shops in each terminal differ giving a wider choice to passengers. The airport has a Boots, Salisbury’s, Allsports and a La Senza to name a few. As you can there is a diverse range of brand name shopping outlets to suit all needs.

Restaurants and Eating Facilities - There are many different places to eat at Manchester Airport, there is a restaurant to suit more or less every individual diet. As with the shopping facilities, the eating places vary at each terminal but the most commonly sited restaurants, cafés or bars at Manchester would be Burger King, Cafe Laurentis and Costa Coffee. All these facilities are available at different times of the day, but there is never a time when you cant find somewhere to eat at Manchester Airport.

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