Park and Go: Stansted Airport Expansion Plans

The government recently approved plans for expansion at a number of UK Airports, the expansion plans differ at each airport. Here we will outline the plans for Stansted Airport, some are proposed and some are already approved.

The New Runway at Stansted Airport - Plans have now been approved to build a new runway at Stansted. The construction of the new runway is due to begin as soon as possible, it is estimated that the construction work will be completed in 2011. The new runway is set to increase the airports passenger capacity by 46 million which would mean that Stansted could handle around 70 million passengers per annum once the work is complete.

New Roads and Housing Developments - in order to cater for the expanded airport boundaries many homes will be destroyed as will two ancient monuments. But the expansions to the airport will also bring many jobs and therefore it is estimated that even more new homes will be built to replace the ones demolished in the development of the airport.

As the size and passenger capacity of Stansted Airport increases so will the number of local residents and road users. Existing roads will be extended and a new link road will be built. Among the roads extended will be the A120 which currently runs along side the existing airport perimeter, it will be redirected to run along side the new boundaries. As a result road users will be able to use this road as means of getting closer to the airport without having to use already congested minor roads. A new railway system is also proposed which is planned to run off the existing track directly into the airport.