Park and Go: Teesside Airport Parking - Airport History

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Teesside Airport started life as an RAF base for Bomber Squadrons during the Second World War. From its earliest use in 1941 Teesside Airport, known then as RAF Middleton St-George, housed bombers for both the British RAF and the Canadian Air Force. When the war was over the base was used for advanced flight training purposes, and remained home to RAF Squadrons.

In 1957 work began on improving the runway and airside buildings, but by the time the work had finished in 1963 it was decided that the airbase should close. By early 1964 the local authorities had taken over the sight and set out plans to turn it into an airport for civil use, and excellent choice as the site already had well developed facilities.

Around £1.5 million was invested in the airport, in order to re-equip the airport, build a passenger terminal and build an on site hotel. Work was completed and in 1966 Swedish royalty officially opened the airport. The first scheduled service from Teesside Airport was to Manchester Airport, ever since then the airport has added more services and flights to various destinations.

  • Number of terminals: 1
  • Number of passengers: 1 million +
  • Number of destinations: 28
  • Number of runways: 1