Park and Go: Things to do at Teesside Airport

There are plenty of things to do at Teesside Airport, the airport has a wide range of amenities catering for all types of people. The Airport houses various Shopping outlets, entertainment facilities, restaurants and eateries. So when your waiting for your flight there will always be plenty to do or a place to relax, to eat, shop or refuel before leaving the airport.

Shopping Outlets at Teesside - Teesside Airport has a range of shops including WH Smiths, ideal for getting those little extras that may have forgotten. And of course there is the all important Tax & Duty Free Shop in the departure lounge. Other facilities include Callers Pegasus and Thomas Cook which both provide a Bureau de Change service.

Entertainment Facilities - There is plenty to do entertainment wise while you wait for a flight at Teesside Airport. Entertainment includes: an arcade area with video games, a children's play area. This is located airside, it is unsupervised and is available under parents' supervision and responsibility. The Viewing Area - this is an open air balcony area that has full view of the runway and the planes taking off and landing. Ideal for Plane spotting.

Restaurants and Eateries - At Teesside Airport there is a wide range of restaurants and eateries to cater for different diets. Restaurants at the airport include Cafe Oasis and Yard of Ale in the terminal and Cafe Express and Yard of Ale in the departure lounge. All offer a range of hot and cold food and drinks.

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