Park and Go: Things to do at Heathrow Airport

Do you have a long wait for your flight from Heathrow? If so why not take advantage of some of the great facilities available at the airport, to help pass the time.

There are lots of different things you can do while waiting for a flight. There are shops, restaurants, coffee bars to suit all needs. Heathrow airport boasts a very large and diverse range of shopping facilities including brand name stores in fashion and beauty, available both before and after security. Boots, Accessorize and Austin Reed to name a few.

While some people like to shop, other prefer to relax and prepare themselves for the stress free journey they are about to embark on. The Restaurants and Coffee Shops are a great place to do this. Again Heathrow Airport boasts a wide range of popular restaurants and eateries, including a Wetherspoon's pub, a Caffe Nero and the all important Burger King for the kids.

In fact Heathrow airport has more high-street shops than most high-streets! Its ideal for purchasing those little things you often forget about amongst the confusion that organising a holiday or business trip can induce.

Furthermore; the BAA, who operate Heathrow Airport, offer various bonus schemes and shopping rewards for items purchased at any of the airports operated by the BAA. The most prominent of these is:

BAA Worldcard - A credit card that helps you save money, for every £1 you spend on this card you will earn 1 BAA Worldpoint, and purchases made at any BAA Airport will earn you double. This card gives you access to rewards and special offers all year round. Why not sign up while you are waiting for your flight at Heathrow?

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