Park and Go: Blackpool Airport Parking - Airport History

Please find below a brief history of Blackpool Airport, if you wish to make a booking for Airport Parking at Blackpool then please use the search form on your left. Here are some of the key dates in the History of Blackpool Airport.

1909 - Blackpool Airport's life begins with a Flying Meeting
1914 - 1918 Becomes Military Convalescent Home during First World War
1924 - Military Convalescent Home close
1939 - 1945 Becomes RAF bases during World War Two
1950 - Aircraft construction continues throughout the decade
1962 - Blackpool Corporation takes ownership of the Airport
1987 - Blackpool Airport taken over by the local Council
1995 - A new Terminal building is constructed
2004 - The Airport is taken over CHAL
2006 - £2 Million investment completed

Below you will find more information of each on the key dates in the history of Blackpool Airport from the timeline above.

1909 - Blackpool Airport began its long life in 1909 as the site of an Air Show.

1914 - 1918 - Following the outbreak of hostilities in the First World War the site was turned into a Military Convalescent Home.

1924 - After the end of the First World War the Military Convalescent Home was no longer required and was subsequently closed. From 1924 to the outbreak of World War Two the Airport competed with another local Airport.

1939 - 1945 - The RAF took control of Blackpool Airport during World War Two, it served as abase for Spitfires protecting the nearby city of Liverpool. During the RAF's occupation of the Airport they built three runways, hangars and an aircraft factory. This factory became a mass producer of Bombers for use in the war. When the war ended Airport was developed for civil use again.

1950 - During the 1950's the Aircraft factory based at the Airport continued to produce Aircraft.

1962 - In 1962 ownership of the Airport was transferred from the RAF to the Blackpool Corporation who managed the Airport until 1987.

1987 - In 1987 Blackpool Airport was turned into a private limited company, all shares were owned by Blackpool Council.

1995 - A new Terminal building was built costing £2 million, the following year the old terminal building was demolished.

2004 - The Airport was taken over by City Hopper Airports Limited, also known as CHAL. CHAL began the process of developing the Airport further.

2006 - In February 2006 a £2 million refurbishment of the Terminal and expansion of facilities was completed. As of 2008, Balfour Beatty now owns 95% of the Airport.