Park and Go: Shops & Restaurants at East Midlands Airport

East Midlands has been growing at a phenomenal rate, so to cater for the extra passengers the Airport has had to develop more and more shopping and eating facilities, which make the airport a more exciting and relaxing experience. The airport now has a good range of shops and restaurants.

Restaurants and Eating Facilities - The Airport has a range of different restaurants and eating outlets. Designed to cater for a range of different dietary needs. Restaurants include Delice de France, Churnet Bar, Bar des Voyageurs and a Meden Food Village plus many others. There is a diverse range of restaurants, style and type of menu varies at each. This ensures that most dietary requirements are catered for, and that there always a relaxing environment to eat and drink at.

Shopping Outlets - Since the airports growth more and more shopping outlets have been built within the airport complex. Now, in the terminal building the is a wide range of different shops. Shops include a Boots Chemist and a Claire‘s Accessories both essential getting those last minute items before jetting off on your holidays. Other outlets include Alpha Airport shopping, selling wines and tobacco products, an International Currency Exchange and Ilkeston Co-op Travel.

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