Drive Fly Meet and Greet

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Please find below information on Drive Fly Meet and Greet at Heathrow Airport.

Prices start from £61.95 for 8 Days Parking. For full prices and availability use the form above.

Security Measures

All our drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle, when your car is collected, it is driven to a nearby secure compound with laser beam security system and CCTV. The yard is fully secure and is insured, and further is manned 24 hours a day. Here you car will remain until your return.

Transfer Information

Transfers to not apply for this service, as you will be met at the Terminal itself.

Arrival Procedure

Telephone your driver: 0800 7316617 / 07545 004379
If you do NOT receive a call, please call Drive Fly on the above number when you are 15 - 20 minutes away from the terminal so we can arrange a driver for you.

On meeting a member of our staff at the departures, they will assist you with your luggage.

Return Procedure

Once you have collected all your luggage, then you simply call our number, when you exit the terminal a driver will be waiting for you with your car at the designated point.

Driving Directions

One of our staff members will collect your car from the designated terminal at the specified meeting time and drive your vehicle to the secure premises, and it will remain there until you return.

Once you have landed, collected your luggage and cleared customs, call a number provided to you and your car will be returned to the departure lane within 10-15 minutes.