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Lively Zante (Zakynthos) has become one of the party destinations of the Greek Islands but there is more to offer away from the resorts on the south coast.

Zakynthos Town

The only large town, Zakynthos Town serves as the island capital and port.

Extensively rebuilt after an earthquake in 1953, it has a modern, cosmopolitan feel without losing its charm.

Dominated by the long sea front with an abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants, this is the hub by day and night.

Visit the Byzantine Museum or lose yourself in the many street and alleyways around the castle at the top of Hill of Strani.

What to do on Zante

Party!! There's no doubt the majority of tourists visiting Zante head to the resorts of Laganas and Kalamaki. Famous for its bars, cafes and clubs stretching as far as the eye can see, the place fills with groups from all over the world to party all night long.

Once away from the party hotspots in the south there are some beautiful beaches and coves, none more so than the iconic Navagio (Shipwreck) Cove on the North West side of the island. Only accessible by sea, there are plenty of locals offering boat services from all around the island.

Water sports can be found at St. Nicholas Beach in the Vasilikos area. Adrenaline junkies have their pick here with fly boards, jet skis, para sailing and diving to name just a few of the thrill-seeking things for you to try.

Zante is home to the endangered Loggerhead turtle. The main nesting site at Laganas beach but the best way to see these majestic sea turtles is either on a boat or diving trip.


No visit is complete without trying the local food and drink.

Why not start with Melitzanosalata, an eggplant dip followed by Dolmadakia (stuffed olive leaves).

Tyropitakia is a filo pastry stuffed with lots of cheese.

Keftedes, meatballs to you and me, are another Greek staple along with the world-famous Moussaka, made from eggplants, minced lamb, and b├ęchamel sauce.

Whether it's to party through the night, a beach holiday, the spectacular coves, a gastronomic experience or a combination of all these, Zante is well worth a look.

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